Our last startup, Turbine, was bought by Warner Bros. for $160MM. Our new startup, Monsarrat Inc., is uniquely qualified in the Mobile AR industry, forecast to earn $17B in 2021. Our platform technology for AR gaming adds MMO technology, dramatically increasing player retention and monetization. Monsarrat has a contract from a $10-billion Hollywood franchise (similar to Star Wars/Harry Potter) to prove that tech platform by building a game on it.

Video Pitch

Management Team

Johnny Monsarrat


Brian Sullivan

Cofounded two game companies and co-created Age of Empires, one of the best-selling videogame franchises of all time, and Titan Quest. His games have sold over 25 million copies worldwide with revenues of $1 billion and have won countless industry awards. He has also helped develop the game program at Northeastern University, including teaching game design courses.


Henrik Strandberg

Over thirty years in the gaming industry, Henrik has been Director of Free-to-Play at Sega, Executive Producer at Atari, and Executive Producer at Turbine, where he worked for six years. Most recently, he worked at Harmonix as Product Management Director for Rock Band VR, a fresh and innovative new take on an evergreen video game franchise, rebuilt from the ground up for a cutting edge new technology platform.


Ed Del Castillo

Created “Game of the Year” Command and Conquer, with 30 million franchise copies sold, and was CEO of Liquid, with Battle Realms nominated for a games industry “Oscar”.

VP Art

Zach Shukan

Zach is the Founder and Creative Director of Omega Darling, a New York art agency, and former professor at the New York Film Academy and instructor at The New School. Winner of the prestigious Bruce Bolduc Award, his clients have included Nike, Miller, Mountain Dew, Sony, Samsung, Chase Bank, MTV, and Kanye West. Previously, he founded IronZog, maker of “War of Conquest” game. He holds a BFA in Film, Animation, and Video from RISD.