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CompanyWide is an online platform for construction industry career planning and hiring. will deliver a classified advertisement, describing your client’s home to targeted set of buyers looking only for homes with similar profiles.


BabelBark solves the need of pets, pet parents, independent veterinarians & regional vendors to connect with a comprehensive & completely integrated platform

Foodini POS, Inc.

The simple act of paying positive attention to people, has a great deal to do with productivity (Tom Peters)

EntraTympanic, LLC

A device and procedure for the in-office treatment of middle ear infections with immediate pain relief and without systemic antibiotics.

Summate Technologies, Inc.

Summate has developed patented products and software which reduce the 45B OR implant supply chain from 5-7 manual steps to 1 accurate automated, scanned process


We allow our users to find the best events in an area. While providing event coordinators a platform to increase there attendance and profitability.

Directive Communication Systems, Inc.

We provide the solution to efficiently managing and ending an online life to the best interests of all involved, from families and estates to online businesses.


Helping seniors experience life at full volume