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Spiro Technologies

Self-writing customer relationship management (CRM) software that uses artificial intelligence proven to increase sales effectiveness

Threellop Nanotechnology

Inorganic Chromosome based in Silicon (InChroSil) is an electronic device, which has the same organization and structure of organic DNA.

Alakai Technologies Corp

The Air Mobility vehicle: a passenger-carrying multicopter powered by clean-fuels, that's simple enough for anyone with a drivers’ license to operate.

Project Finance

Personal finance software that finds the most advantageous actions that maximize your money.


Shareity nurtures the deeply held desire of people to give back by creating a game-changing interactive giving-platform.

Strand Therapeutics

We are revolutionizing immunotherapy through synthetic biology-enabled mRNA gene therapies!


EnergySage is the "Expedia of Solar", the leading online marketplace for turnkey solar energy systems and financing options.

Môme Care

First premium brand of skincare for children and adolescents.