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Our company build communication software endowed with a smart and real time translation system.


A two-sided marketplace that allows B2B customers to purchase telecommunications products based on their needs.


A SaaS-based application using data from disparate systems to drive action around the customer experience resulting in higher revenue and reduced churn.


Unleash your personal brand by building a website from your apps in seconds


Pangissimo is an audio tech startup developing modular surround sound speaker systems to enhance the way we experience sound.


A relationship app that gives you a digital dating coach to help you date and human dating coaches to perfect your profile.

Tri-Horn International

Real-time Head-Motion Stabilization Training Technologies co. Our activity specific products shorten the path to mastery in Golf, Marksmanship, Hockey, more.


We allow our users to find the best events in an area. While providing event coordinators a platform to increase there attendance and profitability.