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Ourotech helps pharma companies reduce false positive cancer therapies early using hydrogels to create predictive, high drug-resistance, in-vitro tumor models


Online babysitting marketplace for Latin America. We find the perfect match for each parent, just as if their best friend would have recommended it

Green City Growers, LLC

GCG is an established mission-driven company facilitating the transformation of unused spaces into thriving urban farms by delivering unique products + services

She Geeks Out

She Geeks Out fosters diversity and inclusion through events, networking and education

Energy Harvesters LLC

We provide a power platform within footwear so end users can “charge their mobile device batteries anytime anywhere from their own walking”.

Mini-Mole LLC

Mini-Mole Sweeper automatically removes dust and fur from under sofas, TV stands, dressers, beds, and other furniture with low ground clearance!

LeaderJam LLC

LeaderJam makes on-demand problem solving and leadership development with top experts standard operating procedure for leaders around the world.

ORI Imaging

Startup company developing a new optical-based imaging medical device diagnosing deep tissue pathological conditions.