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Genomic Expression Inc

We help the doctor find the right drug for the patient and the pharma company find the right patient for their drug


CleanFiber LLC makes high performance building insulation from recycled corrugated cardboard, using a patented and proven process.


Shaving Bump Products sold Online & Amazon. In development an effective & fast acting Acne Kit that can go against PROACTIV. PROACTIV had $800 MM 2014 sales

Point Motion

A MUSICAL TOOL, FOR A QUANTIFIED OUTCOME. Developers of motion control software for use in healthcare with children diagnosed with developmental delays.

Sustainability Roundtable Inc.

SR Inc provides Sustainability Program Management as a Service. SR Inc does this through a confidential, year over year, Strategic Advisory & Support Service.


We allow our users to find the best events in an area. While providing event coordinators a platform to increase there attendance and profitability.

Aphios Pharma LLC

Aphios® Pharma LLC is dedicated to the development and commercialization of FDA-approved, cannabis-based drugs for opioid addiction and other CNS disorders.

Ballistic Breaker Corporation

The Arc-Free Circuit Breaker for DC or AC Power: enables high power DC transmission and distribution from microgrids to supergrids.