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Vyasa Analytics

Vyasa Analytics provides deep learning software and analytics for life sciences and healthcare organizations.

Spoiler Alert

Boston-based enterprise software company that helps food businesses manage unsold inventory


SparkCharge makes a portable, ultra-fast, and modular electric vehicle charger that are delivered to an electric vehicle owner on demand by any service.

WorkAround Online Inc.

WorkAround provides human annotation for machine learning data sets using an untapped skilled workforce of refugees and displaced people.

OpenTab, Inc

OpenTab is an app to order drinks at busy bars so that you don't need to stand in line.It improves bar productivity, sales, tips, and customer satisfaction.

QSM Diagnostics Inc

Fastest/lowest cost diagnostic instrument- sensor identifying and monitoring common bacteria in dog and cat urine.


Affordable, Adjustable Prosthetic Limbs for Amputees Worldwide


We transform K-12 schools by changing the way they gather, use, and think about data through real-time data capture and analysis on non-cognitive domains.

Intelon Optics, Inc.

We bring perioperative biomechanics imaging solutions to demanding ocular surgery and therapy.