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You have to get a little creative when there’s rain in the forecast for an outdoor house party. Thank you Julie for…

Empathy is underrated. I'm trying to get better at practicing it daily. Fantastic Freakonomics episode: "People Ar…

RT @Roxbury_ONS: The weather wasn't the best today, but that didn't stop the Roxbury Inaugural Unity Day Parade from happening! Shouts out…

RT @cgarb: Was seeking some wisdom (pun honestly not intended at 1st) around trends I see from young millennials in the workplace and came…

@cgarb @dcancel Love that you found this couldn’t agree more. Big company experience taught me how to work.

@jstn It has been 22m. I think it's cold now. Time to take it out.

RT @jasonlk: 10/ Investing aggressively in brand as approach $10m ARR. It seems silly in the early days ... but it's how 70%+ of non-early…

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