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The subject of the e-mail was “Hoping to help,” and it was one of those messages in which the sender is working a bit too quickly to include your name — or anything specific about your situation, really.


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@peterpham @eightsleep More on the firm side. The cooling feature makes other beds feel old and uncomfortable. A mu… https://t.co/6E5LzjEopO

@peterpham @eightsleep Love it - best bed I’ve ever owned

21/ I saved myself a TON of headaches by implementing this a couple months ago. The attacker (presumably Garrett) o… https://t.co/nyhzvjp4YE

20/ What a journey! The most frustrating part was waiting for AT&T store to open (how would you feel if someone was… https://t.co/20ANCwDalN

19/ AT&T called me back later in the day yesterday and told me they also have identified the person and passed on t… https://t.co/YhmaRokuO0

18/ INCREDIBLE! Garrett (or someone who just happened to name the computer the exact same name as a 21 year old who… https://t.co/BN6H1rGUZM

15/ Let's see what turns up. A search for Garrett Endicott shows.. the US Department of Justice has filed charges a… https://t.co/A8aVwY8VDl

14/ In one of Google security's info panels, it showed the VPN IP address but ALSO the name of the computer: GARRET… https://t.co/qYGe59DBCQ

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