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Our patent pending software aligns smartwatch display with your natural line of vision, opening up in vivo use across many industry.


Rosetta Stone or Duo Lingo for Musical Instruments


Rosetta Stone or Duo Lingo for Musical Instruments


Easily manage medical equipment and predict future maintenance needs and costs.


CueThink makes math social through an engaging peer-to-peer platform that is proven to drive critical thinking skills. Funded by National Science Foundation.

i4Class LLC

Increasing students performance and reducing the cost of k-12 education.

JeanComputech Corporation

Our Pleasure is Your Satisfaction. Network security is a matter for everyone to be concerned specially in this era; JeanComputech can help.

Sober Grid, Inc.

Sober Grid is a tele-health platform for addiction that uses artificial intelligence and certified recovery coaches to help people treat their condition.


FarmVitals is an AgTech application that reduces fertilizer costs & increases crop yields through patented tech that gives reliable readings of nitrogen content