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EnergySage is the "Expedia of Solar", the leading online marketplace for turnkey solar energy systems and financing options.


Labby is a high-tech food+beverage testing lab on a smartphone!


Long-Reach collaborative robotic arms for warehouse automation. Revolutionary safe, low-cost actuators that power these arms and other service robots.

LottoGraphs Co.

Looking for Funding to launch product line Nationwide then Worldwide. SEE > WWW.LOTTOGRAPHS.TV for more details !!!


A SaaS-based application using data from disparate systems to drive action around the customer experience resulting in higher revenue and reduced churn.


Making company perks more personal


Automated Labor Management System providing uniquely curated hourly workers for businesses.

Ras Labs

Ras Labs makes Synthetic Muscle™, electroactive polymers that contract & expand, attenuate force, & sense pressure for prostheses, robots, & other applications.

Foodini POS, Inc.

The simple act of paying positive attention to people, has a great deal to do with productivity (Tom Peters)