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Vyasa Analytics

Vyasa Analytics provides deep learning software and analytics for life sciences and healthcare organizations.


Bevi makes internet-connected water coolers for offices that provide unlimited sparkling, still, and flavored water on demand.


ZIRUI is a beauty and care packaging platform that focuses on travel-friendly packaging that saves time and space for busy modern consumers.


Sense is a home energy monitor for homeowners to understand their energy and know what's happening at home with real-time energy consumption data.


By incorporating the entire powertrain into the wheel itself we created a platform that turns any bicycle into an electric vehicle in under 2 minutes.


Involved is a micro-polling software for local government, helping offices increase civic engagement and understand public opinion with single question surveys.


Twiage sends powerful data between ambulances and hospital teams to accelerate life-saving emergency care.


ScholarJet helps students pay for college and companies attract early talent through action-based scholarships.

Minus the Moo

Minus the Moo is a premium ice cream made from real dairy and all the same ingredients of traditional ice cream, with lactase enzyme to make it lactose-free!