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Data-driven Energy Reduction for Manufacturers


Crowdfunded product challenges - propose, fund, or compete to solve problems with proven market demand - backed and vetted by the crowd, tested by pros

HealthCorum, Inc.

HealthCorum is a SaaS offering which saves money for health care payers by helping them identify and select the most efficient providers for their network.


The easiest way to gather feedback and engage at scale.


PreApps is changing the way mobile apps are built and discovered.

Directive Communication Systems, Inc.

We provide the solution to efficiently managing and ending an online life to the best interests of all involved, from families and estates to online businesses.

Project 99 Inc.

Project 99 is helping leading companies engage and retain their diverse millennial talent.


ThinkGenetic reaches undiagnosed and diagnosed individuals living with genetic disorders, helping to reduce time to diagnoses and reduce healthcare costs.


Long-Reach collaborative robotic arms for warehouse automation. Revolutionary safe, low-cost actuators that power these arms and other service robots.


A web service where users can set up flexible payment plans for their flights.