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Raja Systems

Raja Systems can cut the cost of generating electricity in remote locations in half


Greenvolved is an online crowdfunding platform that match concerned customers with corporations willing to fund environmental projects

CONTINUUS Pharmaceuticals

CONTINUUS Pharmaceuticals will enable “on-demand” manufacturing of pharmaceuticals with advantages in lead time, quality, and cost.


Immersive media company enabling people to express themselves through responsive music, video and 360 video.

Day2Night Convertible Heels

Day2Night's patent-pending convertible high heel shoes convert from high heels down to low heels by simply pressing a button.


Splitzee makes group money easy. We're dedicated to saving you and your club, team, and groups time, money, and above all else: HASSLE.

NBD Nanotechnologies

NBD develops surface coatings that enhance the rate of condensation for applications ranging from HVAC to a potential supply of water


We help healthcare organization deliver the right instructions to the right patients at the right time to increase patient engagement, satisfaction and outcome.