The pet service industry is too fragmented, different services in different places. For most pet owners, finding the right service is a hassle and time consuming. Local businesses face challenges to gain and retain costumers. Millennials and most people living in urban areas prefer to shop online. Cities are losing money and control over pet population. GoPetie brings pet owners, municipalities and local service providers together.

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Management Team

Diego Rodrigues Alves

Advisor & Board Member

Oliver Sanchez

15 years+ of experience in business planning, financial analytics and technology implementations. Oliver has created commercial partnerships in Brazil, Mexico, Spain and the U.S.

Social Media & Marketing Manager

Elena Volozova

Recent Master of International Marketing graduate, Elena has experience in strategic marketing, branding and digital marketing acquired both in the US and in Europe.


Irina Rasskazova

Undergraduate from Russia, Grad school from London. Over 4 years of experience in communications, marketing and PR. Worked at United Nations and MIT.

Advisor & Country Manager Canada

Louis Villeneuve

30 + years of management experience, former CFO of BOMBARDIER Motorized Consumer Product Group turning a $40M operations into a $250M. Louis has key partners in the government as well in the private sector.

UI/UX Designer

Miguel Mendes

8+ years of experience in web development, advertising, web marketing. He has experience in developing websites, creating advertising campaigns, event management and corporate marketing.

Project Manager/CTO

Sandeep Chauhan

Technology Expert in web and mobile app development. 10+ years of experience in NodeJS, AngularJS, ReactJS, RoR, PHP, MySQL, CSS, HTML, XML, AWS, Swift, iOnic Framework, AWS and Cloud services.