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We help companies with entry- to mid-level talent attraction and retention by providing convenient & accessible housing.


Empowering teen parents with step-by-step guides for complicated financial, education, and health tasks.

Bonzer Inc

Bonzer is an one way car sharing service with a focus on last mile trips using cool mini electric cars.

Cashtivity Play

Cashtivity teaches math through gamified real world challenges, no more boredom & frustration, math is now a fun, creative experience which students relate to.

LeaderJam LLC

LeaderJam makes on-demand problem solving and leadership development with top experts standard operating procedure for leaders around the world.


Making people happier and healthier with on-demand, fresh and customized smoothies through our proprietary self-cleaning blending unit


SAT/ACT prep delivering 3x results at half the cost. Our adaptive platform combines software developed at MIT & human coaches, together in a unified experience.