Bounce Imaging


Every day, we ask police, soldiers, firefighters, and industrial safety workers to enter hazardous, unseen spaces in the performance of their duties. The inability to see inside a hazardous environment can cost lives. Our throwable sensors - and stitching algorithms 200X faster than traditional methods (also applicable to consumer action cameras) - allow first responders to gather 360-degree video from a space before they need to enter.

Video Pitch

Management Team


Francisco Aguilar

Francisco developed the idea for the Bounce Imaging Explorer in response to the 2010 Haiti earthquake. He has a background in private and social sector strategy, including manufacturing, mobile, and energy.


Sietse Dijkstra

Sietse has 20+ years of experience developing advanced robotics and machine vision systems

VP Engineering

Mikhail Fridberg

Mikhail has developed advanced camera systems for over 30 years. He has had not one but two Popular Science Inventions of the Year - most recently a self-powered camera.

App/UI Lead

Fabian Zamora

Fabian has designed dozens of Android and iOS apps