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WomenLEAD P.B.C.

WomenLEAD:, accelerating women’s development as leaders with a B2B SaaS online Personal Advisory Board™, Leadership Development platform.

Foodini POS, Inc.

The simple act of paying positive attention to people, has a great deal to do with productivity (Tom Peters)

Directive Communication Systems, Inc.

We provide the solution to efficiently managing and ending an online life to the best interests of all involved, from families and estates to online businesses.


Making people happier and healthier with on-demand, fresh and customized smoothies through our proprietary self-cleaning blending unit

n-Powered Inc.

n-Powered makes the most critical student information available via Smart Speakers, Smart Phones and AI powered Chatbot


ThinkGenetic reaches undiagnosed and diagnosed individuals living with genetic disorders, helping to reduce time to diagnoses and reduce healthcare costs.

QSM Diagnostics Inc

QSM makes point-of-care diagnostic tests for bacterial infections that provide rapid results and allow veterinarians to more accurately treat pets.


Provides a more interactive and amplified music experience by connecting multiple phones and speakers simultaneously


Finalee provides an ad-free and clutter-free experience where businesses can put their best foot forwards and users can simply find what they are looking for.

WorkAround Online Inc.

WorkAround provides human annotation for machine learning data sets using an untapped skilled workforce of refugees and displaced people.