Ras Labs


Ras Labs is a platform business model, with first target market of $4B in orthotics & prosthetics (O&P), with an addressable market of over $120M in prosthetic liners & sockets, with follow on markets in robotics & earbuds. We are testing our electroactive polymer (EAP) pads for a dynamic, perfect fit socket on amputee patients, and working with B2B partners to advance their products using our patented shape-morphing & sensing technology.

Video Pitch

Management Team

CEO, CTO, and Founder

Lenore Rasmussen

Synthetic polymer chemist with industrial biotech experience (Johnson & Johnson), R&D with government agencies (ISS, CASIS, DOD, DOE), and global leader in the EAP community. Leads interdisciplinary projects involving chemistry, biology, and engineering, teaming together diverse groups of people with varied skill sets. Technical business leader with strong patent expertise, published book author, and multi-media skills, including NASA TV.

Key Business Strategy Adviser

Jill Wittels

Jill Wittels has 35+ years of experience with business unit P&L, strategy, and engineering management, and has consulted for top tier Aerospace and Defense enterprises. She received her BS and PhD in Physics from MIT, and is a member of the American Physical Society, National Association of Corporate Directors, Corporate Directors Group, Women Corporate Directors, and The Boston Club. Jill is instrumental in negotiations and she is a closer.


George McHorney, MBA

George McHorney has over 25 years of experience with start-ups, scale-ups, companies receiving federal funding and contracts, and M&A. He is a fiscally conscientious adviser and skilled negotiator.

Lead Engineer

Matthew Bowers

Matthew Bowers is the lead engineer and has a MS in robotics engineering from Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) and triple major undergraduate degrees in electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, and business management (SUNY). His robotic work at WPI applied directly to prosthetic applications.

Product Developer

Simone Rodriguez

Simone Rodriguez is the lead of product development, with the responsibility for electroactivity characterization and smoothing the transition into design and development, especially for integration of electronic systems. She is a biologist with mechanical and electrical engineering, with multiple programming languages and innovative circuitry experience, including flexible and wearable electronics.

Sr Software Engineer

Damaris Smith

Damaris Smith, MS robotics engineer (WPI) and electrical engineer, bridges the coding and electronics with our shape-morphing and sensing EAPs, and brings his industrial experience from General Dynamics and contract engineering (GM/Chevrolet, John Deere, Ford) in artificial intelligence, machine learning, industrial automation, design processes for builds, and coding/software development.