Ergosuture Corp.


Ergosuture develops surgical solutions that enable users to perform surgical tasks consistently in hard to reach locations. We develop stand-alone solutions (e.g. laparoscopic suturing) or part of a medical treatment (e.g. mitral valve repair system). We intend to partner with established companies with a broad commercial footprint to commercialize our products. We also aim to spin-off companies with a multiplier over 10 (mitral valve repair).

Video Pitch

Management Team

CEO & co-founder

Claude Nogard

Claude has more than twenty years of global experience in the Health Care industry in product and market development in pharmaceuticals and vaccines (Merck & Novartis).

Chief Scientific Officer

Luis Almodovar

Neurosurgeon, Inventor of Drive’N Roll and co-founder of Ergosuture. Dr. Almodovar split is time between his practice in neurosurgical oncology and Ergosuture R&D.