We provide drug products & services for the respiratory healthcare market. S-1226™, our lead candidate, is a rescue treatment for acute, severe asthma exacerbations. It fills a major market gap: a short-acting bronchodilator that works via a pathway distinct from Salbutamol, a.k.a. Albuterol. Customers include asthma & chronic obstructive pulmonary disease patients, hospitals & other primary care facilities, large pharma companies & universities.

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Management Team


John Dennis

Dr. Dennis is a respiratory drug delivery & aerosol specialist, & also the founder of SolAero Ltd., a consulting company that analyzes nebulized/aerosolized drugs for the top respiratory medicine pharma companies in the world. Dr. Dennis played a pivotal role in the commercialization of the first generic budesonide, a major respiratory drug approved worldwide. He has authored over 100 medical aerosol technology papers.


Joseph Tucker

Dr. Tucker has executive experience with both privately held & publicly listed biotechnology companies, having previously served as President or Vice President of four biotechnology companies. He has raised millions of dollars in private & public markets, & has led biotechnology companies from initial idea through to late stage clinical trials, & from corporate inception through to successful acquisition or stock exchange listing.


Francis Green

Dr. Green is a co-founder & inventor of the S-1226™ technology. He is a respiratory pathologist & has expertise in the human & animal models of asthma & inhalation toxicology. His innovative mindset is at the heart of SolAeroMed Inc.’s technology & development strategy.

Joe Tucker