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Bounce Imaging

Bounce Imaging's low-cost, throwable omnidirectional cameras enable first responders to safely inspect dangerous spaces in 360 on their phone without entering.


GoPetie is a B2B & B2C mobile platform that connects pet owners to each other, to local service providers and municipalities in a social community environment.

New View Surgical, Inc.

A surgical visualization company that is developing the VisionPort, a camera platform technology that makes surgery simpler, safer and more cost-effective.


botkeeper combines skilled accountants with machine learning and AI, to provide businesses with accurate bookkeeping and dashboards, 24/7, for 50% less cost.


FriendsUp lets you connect with anyone in one scan. Just Tap the information you want to share and scan another user's screen.


Long-Reach collaborative robotic arms for warehouse automation. Revolutionary safe, low-cost actuators that power these arms and other service robots.

Sober Grid, Inc.

Sober Grid is a tele-health platform for addiction that uses artificial intelligence and certified recovery coaches to help people treat their condition.

Fide PBC

Fide enhances cross-border payments by giving control and value to consumers.