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Habitworks provides a unique habit change and communication platform that optimizes care coordinators and health coaches in the management of chronic disease.

CoolChip Technologies, Inc.

CoolChip Technologies is the worldwide leader in Kinetic Cooling, a new product category based on disruptive technology transforming electronics cooling.


Greenvolved is an online crowdfunding platform that match concerned customers with corporations willing to fund environmental projects


Mobile app for language learners to connect with others near-by for conversational practice


FairSetup provides impact-driven performance management and compensation solutions that turn employees into partners.

Alps & Meters

Alps & Meters is the first luxury sportswear brand powered by a home try-on model of B2C service and distribution.

UltraTot, LLC

Ultratot has substantially improved an existing product with proven demand; same price point, strong potential IP, plan ready to implement.