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Walle the App

Walle The Social HomeScreen; Snap a photo and instantly change your friend's lockscreen and enjoy a seamless experience of personalized images on your phone


DetraPel manufactures non-toxic, PFAS-free, superhydrophobic liquid repellents that utilizes nanotechnology to block and repel any stains on any surface.

Point Motion

A MUSICAL TOOL, FOR A QUANTIFIED OUTCOME. Developers of motion control software for use in healthcare with children diagnosed with developmental delays.

Building Conversation

Augmented reality view of 3D architectural designs perfectly registered on site with complete mobility and freedom to also toggle options and lighting.


Say goodbye to teaching as a solo activity. Uniquely positioned to solve the $2.2bn problem of teacher turnover.


Unleash your personal brand by building a website from your apps in seconds

Spoiler Alert

Boston-based enterprise software company that helps food businesses manage unsold inventory