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Achvr's social platform helps people live happier lives through first time experiences by capturing intention data to connect people with experience providers.


Medisafe is laser focused on providing the most comprehensive platform for Medication Management, patients using the system report and 87% adherence rate

Social High

Social High is the Facebook for the cannabis community plus we use the Sharing Economy model telling users which of their peers nearby have which strains.


ABSOFT is dedicated to develop software solutions for business that improve productivity. Always supported in the technology of the moment.

She Geeks Out

She Geeks Out fosters diversity and inclusion through events, networking and education

Spill, Inc.

"Spill" about life's highs and lows authentically, receive encouragement from people who can relate, and grow others by sharing your wisdom.


Engineered comfort, performance and health with garments


Finalee provides an ad-free and clutter-free experience where businesses can put their best foot forwards and users can simply find what they are looking for.