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Refurbishing and creating new furniture from used materials for resale, both high end original designs and affordable, quality pieces.


A store where you can build your own products from open hardware and software using 3D printing and scanning. DevLab is Brookstone, with a modern twist.


Cognii is a leading provider of Artificial Intelligence based educational technology for interactive learning and assessment. Cognii Virtual Learning Assistant uses powerful Natural Language Processing to provide automatic assessment of students’ open-response answers along with qualitative feedback. It engages students in adaptive tutoring conversations and helps them master concepts and solve problems. Cognii supports inquiry-based learning and facilitates implementation of Common Core and Next Generation Science standards. Cognii also makes quality higher education scalable by engaging and supporting students in MOOCs. Cognii is helpful in corporate training to prepare employees for the challenges of the modern innovation economy. Cognii’s vision is to democratize the development of high quality learning environments and improve the quality and affordability of education. Students can learn any topic, anytime, anywhere with the help of Cognii’s interactive formative assessment. Today, students across the U.S. are benefitting from Cognii Virtual Learning Assistant and are finding it highly satisfactory. Cognii works with publishers, edtech companies, schools, assessment companies, online courses, MOOCs, and platform providers to bring its next-generation adaptive technology to learners. Cognii's solutions can be used across subject areas and are suitable for K-12, higher education, and corporate training.


Beldwell is dedicated to helping people build happier, more financially secure lives. Money matters can be stressful and, too often, even a taboo subject. Beldwell believes this doesn't have to be the case. They are creating beautiful physical artifacts that connect to, and reflect, your financial habits and change your experience with money.

TheLiveParty Social Network

TheLiveParty is no doubt the future of online interaction. Gone are the days of staring blankly at a screen. Party like there's no tommorow

BBD BioPhenix USA LLC.

CRO specialized in zebrafish preclinical services for toxicity and efficacy, to select better candidates in early stages.

Ebb and Flow

Team looking to build the next big social media application capitalizing on human emotion. This is idea is big. We promise.

Leshinsky Finance LLC

Leshinsky Finance understand the importance of wise strategic and financial planning during all the phases of the business cycle contemplation to maturation