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Average billboard rating on the 101: 4.6.

@patk @mgsiegler I saw Ray portrayed more of anti-hero than hero by the end. Like the social network.

@mgsiegler Other movies with that entrepreneurial cherry: 24 Hour Party People, Primer, Catch Me If You Can. It's that grit that makes it.

The Founder is a great movie first and foremost, and 2nd: real entrepreneurial verisimilitude is a nice cherry on top. /HT @mgsiegler

@mathewpregasen @intercom @Drift Happy to help Matthew

Back in SF for the week. Philz on me if you want to talk marketing?

RT @BostonBTD: Excited for our 1st neighborhood slow streets community walk in #Roxbury. Tks to @marty_walsh for the extra funding to make…

RT @MassRobotics: We had a great time at #HubOnWheels! ‍‍ Always great to run into one of our great supporters, @marty_walsh! #roboti

After 2 yrs of building, @ContraryCapital announced their first fund. We intw Eric Tarczynski about what's to come…

There are some workarounds. One device may not work with SmartThings but will work with Alexa. So created a bridge between the fiefdoms.

Another issue is the lack of interoperability. Google = Nest protocol. Apple = HomeKit. Amazon = Alexa. Samsung = SmartThings.

It’s a multi-user environment after all. For now, I’ll just enjoy the magic of the stair lights turning on just when I need it to.

True Smart home experiences will come when it can differentiate preferences between people and provide that seamlessly.

Amazon is working on increasing the identification resolution through Voice ID. This would dramatically improve Smart home experience.

Identification resolution is poor in the industry. Latest can detect presence but only at “at home?” resolution, not “who? and which room?”

Also to reduce outside sensors false reading, put multiple facing each other, & added logic more than one had to trip to be considered true.

One hack I did was to combine the input from multiple motion sensors with the input of Nest’s camera to increase motion detection accuracy.

Apple by far is losing the Smart home game. It is the least compatible. They need to up their game dramatically otherwise will lose the home

@RMBanfield Bike shop guys just told me about it. Looking into it. Thanks!!!

RT @CityOfBoston: Mark your calendars - everyone is invited: South Boston Open House, Tynan Elementary, 10/2, 6-8 p.m. hosted by @marty_wal…

Lock down mode: Using a trigger, all lights in house turn to 100%, all inside and outside doors lock, emergency notices are sent, & more.

Another: Using voice, “computer, turn on Apple TV in Theater Room” turns on the projector, the receiver, Apple TV & the room Backlight.

Proud to support @fightfor15mass at today's State House hearing. It's time to raise the minimum wage for our hard-working men and women!

One example: For better sleeping but to preserve the view as long as possible, close black out Shades at 3am. Then lift the Shades at 8am.

This project gave me a glimpse of smart homes. It also showed me how overpriced Crestron and Control4 is. Do *not* use those walled gardens.

When linked up with Alexa and the sound system, suddenly the entire house becomes both voice controlled and sound feedback.

I’ve got it to a point where the house can anticipate direction and which lights should turn on, also determined by luminosity, time, etc.

This brings a whole new meaning to Object Oriented Programming.