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If my great-grandparents tried to immigrate to this country today, they would have been stopped by @realdonaldtrump. America can do better.

RT @anguyenrex: Can't wait to go to sleep because when I wake up, it will be #HYPERGROWTH17

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@RebeccaSlatkin @dcancel @Drift Thanks :) we'll be on the 3:44 AM club tomorrow.

RT @ChanceFrom79th: The girl that wants the best for you is the best for you.

@b2bkevin @sangramvajre I heard that too.

Keep the simple things simple and the hard things hard.

6/11 Infinite game founders measure success by how long they get to keep playing. Their goal is to outlast everyone else.

5/11 Finite game founders are extrinsically motivated. Their goal is to win and be done.

4/11 Founders that do these things tend to be playing the finite game. They hope to be acquired. They like the idea of a financial return.

3/11 They don't treat manufactures as service providers. They don't spend millions of dollars building the perfect product on day one.

2/11 They don't use words like "first" or "best" or "biggest." They don't think on timescales of months or quarters.

1/11 The best hardware entrepreneurs I've met are playing the INFINITE GAME.

11/11 The best hardware founders are intrinsically motivated. They're playing the infinite game.

10/11 The know products constantly evolve and their customers deeply understand their mission.

9/11 They treat every person and relationship in their ecosystem with utmost respect, doing everything they can to help them at each opty

8/11 They talk more about acquiring others than being acquired. An IPO is a step along the way not a destination.