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We have created a way for high school baseball players to get recognized by the colleges that are the best fit for them both academically and athletically.

Shuddh Shakahari

Shuddh Shakahari is a Hindi Word which means Pure Vegetarian. Lot of people still prefer eating vegetarian food. We are offering the Pure & best food around.


ULink is a web-based platform to assist students in community colleges successfully transfer to four-year universities.

Travel Insurance Master

Web Travel Insurance (TI) aggregator. $3Bil market, 25% margin, only 2 players. I sell TI offline for 8 years, built large web apps for 14 years. Yes I can!

Molecular Creativity

Extracting DNA information related to variations that impact nutrition to guide selection of personalized supplements.

Elements of Destruction

A mobile game series focused on card collection and heavy strategy. Utilize the power of nature to crush your opponents!


AdmitHub offers all students free, expert admissions advice and helps colleges and applicants connect like never before.