TeachersConnect is an online network that gives teachers a safe place to ask their most urgent questions and get answers from a trusted network of peers, mentors, and experts. As teachers use the network, we develop and monetize tight relationships with classroom teachers and data about teachers' pain points. Our customers are teacher prep programs, school districts, and education vendors.

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Management Team

CEO and Co-founder

David Meyers

Dave designs products and learning experiences that give teachers the tools and techniques to get their students engaged with even the most complex tasks. Working with teachers in their classrooms, Dave helps craft ways to ignite students’ natural urge to communicate their ideas and experiences–clearly and convincingly. He is insufferably geeky when it comes to teaching and learning, and he's already been part of one start-up acquisition.

Chief of Technology and Product Development

Marcel Ollmann

Marcel has been involved in teaching and learning for most of his life. A fully trained and road-tested teacher, he also has over 20 years experience in website design and coding, as well as sales and marketing. In the last 14 years he has been intimately involved in the startup space. He has an obsession for the place where ideas and technology intersect to solve real world problems.