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Shuddh Shakahari

Shuddh Shakahari is a Hindi Word which means Pure Vegetarian. Lot of people still prefer eating vegetarian food. We are offering the Pure & best food around.

Stellar Operations League

Build A Fully Functional Space Colony Complete With All The Best Humans Can Offer In Living Care Giving And Jobs(Hundreds Of Thousands)


Improving Daily Lives of People in Semi Urban and Rural India through Branded Pre Owned Appliance Retail and Taking Care of Environment

Padane Couture

Padane Couture is a fashion exchange between Senegal and the US, Western style clothes are being produced in Senegal at low prices.

Primary Care Innovation Consulting

We are a one-stop shop for all your innovation needs. Brining to clients a repeatable validated process to ensure sustainable growth by Open Innovation.


Air Traffic Control for Cargo