Splashscore is the leading influencer activation platform for Facebook. Through a patent-pending Splash Algorithm, Splashscore’s Influencer Activation Engine™ provides brands with an army of advocates who generate engagement around topics relevant to brands. This results in 20x more clicks, likes, and leads than standard posts or ads. Splashscore has 110K influencers who engage 90M+ friends, and has done $105K in revenue to date with 10 brands.

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Management Team

Co-founder and COO - Influencers

Sean Naegeli

As COO Sean is primarily responsible for Influencer Operations. Prior to Splashscore, Sean lead $2M worth of continuous improvement initiatives at Proctor & Gamble and built lean communities for Harvard Medical Center. He is a graduate of Northeastern, where he studied Industrial Engineering. As President of a student group at Northeastern he managed a $500K budget and met Lyle. His passions include building communities and off-roading.

Co-founder and CEO - Product

Lyle Stevens

Prior to Splashscore, Lyle completed Raytheon’s IT Leadership Development Program lead the deployment of a $4M Enterprise Social Network/Wiki/Blog platform and $2M identity services infrastructure. He is a graduate of Northeastern where he studied Computer Science and Entrepreneurship. While at Northeastern he was awarded President of the Year and named one of the Huntington 100. His passions include big data, product development and DJing.

VP of Sales and Marketing - Brands

Chris Wolfel

As VP of Sales and Marketing, Chris is responsible for brand operations. Prior to Splashscore, Chris built sales and marketing programs for Yesware and Nine Technology, growing B2B sales from $0-$0.5M before acquisition. Chris was also the CEO of IDEA: Northeastern's Venture Accelerator where he tripled the size of all operations and lead over $300K in funding over 18 months, and one of the Huntington 100. His passions include hustling and golf.