Southie Autonomy


Southie Autonomy offers intelligent robot software that enables any industrial robot to be re-purposed and re-deployed by any worker, even those without robotics expertise or even computer skills. The “No-Code” software platform Southie has created for robot arms drastically changes the cost model, allowing distribution packagers to affordably automate manual tasks as fast as their processes change.

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Management Team


Rahul Chipalkatty

FOUNDER & CEO Rahul has spent the past decade studying how humans and robots work together. Prior to SAW, he worked in autonomy and robotics for Dept of Defense R&D applications at Draper, including an ambitious three year Draper–MIT–Harvard research initiative to mature autonomous mobile manipulation technology. PhD Georgia Tech.


Jay M Wong

Previously, Jay worked with Rahul at Draper. His expertise lies in building full stack robotics solutions to enable systems to act intelligently in the unstructured and unpredictable world in which we as humans live. Notably, a robotics system he developed at Draper was named a finalist for the KUKA Innovation Award.