Sasa is an e-commerce platform that connects mobile enabled artisans at the BOP directly to web-based consumers. Sasa has developed the first online marketplace that enables artisans to post and sell their products online, even if they lack access to the Internet, a computer, or a bank account. Sasa transforms the ubiquitous mobile phone into a tool that revolutionizes the traditional export supply chain into a peer-to-peer exchange.

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Management Team


Ella Peinovich

Ella, a graduate of MIT, has worked on social enterprises in and around the slums of Nairobi for the past 3 years. With experience in systems design, social entrepreneurship, and a desire to improve women’s autonomy in a sustainable manner, Ella is one of the chief visionaries and designers of SasaAfrica, ensuring its sustainable growth.


Gwendolyn Floyd

Gwen is an internationally recognized expert in leveraging mobile technology for achieving development goals. She has started three successful businesses in the last decade and specializes in understanding the developmental promise of entrepreneurship in the developing world.

Technical Director

Catherine Mahugu

Kate has been involved in various ICT for Development projects including Stanford University’s Nokia Africa Research Center Design Project building mobile applications targeting informal communities. Kate joined the SasaAfrica team to help develop a scalable and appropriate technological solution, and manage technology integration across mobile and web platforms.

Programs Manager

Kotsanai Matereke

Kaye develops and implements the vendor and agent trainings for SasaAfrica and grows SasaAfrica’s vendor recruitment networks. Kaye is an expert in education in developing economies. Kaye’s professional background is in conflict and mediation, which has empowered him to help people resolve diverse conflict scenarios that can limit them from achieving their goals. Kaye has worked in communities in South Africa, Zimbabwe and Kenya. Kaye’s personal

Director of Outreach and Business Development

Christine Selig

Christine’s background is in social science research and organizational development. She has a PhD in social and cultural studies in education and has worked as an applied researcher to create the conditions for people to think freshly and develop alternatives in the global economy so that everyone has a chance at a decent life. At Sasa, Christine works to build resources and grow vendor and consumer networks. Christine also leverages Sasa’s soci

Mobile Technology

Kelvin Nkinyili

Kelvin studied business information technology at Strathmore University and computer science at the University of Nairobi. His background is in software/web development with expertise in leveraging technology to support business strategies.

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