PlenOptika, Inc.


PlenOptika is a MIT medtech startup whose mission is to make eye care accessible and frictionless to anyone who needs it in the US, while also improving access to basic eye care for underserved communities worldwide with the QuickSee, our product that provides accurate eye exams in 10 seconds. PlenOptika has validated the tech and business model internationally, and will product launch this fall with leading channel partners.

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Management Team

CEO, Founder

Shivang Dave

Shivang was awarded his bachelors from UC Berkeley and PhD from the University of Washington, Seattle in Biomedical Engineering & Nanotechnology. As an MIT-Madrid M+Visión post-doctoral Fellow at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, he co-developed the QuickSee platform and co-founded PlenOptika. He has been instrumental in securing grant funding, establishing business partnerships, organizing pilot tests, and running clinical evaluations.

Optics and Scientific Consultant, Founder

Nicholas Durr

Nicholas was awarded his bachelors from UC Berkeley and PhD in Biomedical Engineering from the University of Texas, Austin. He developed medical devices in industry with Nellcor Puritan Bennett, and as an MIT-Madrid M+Visión post-doctoral Fellow he co-developed two projects in biomedical optics including the QuickSee platform. He is now an Assistant Prof. of Biomedical Engineering at Johns Hopkins and serves as a Technical Advisor to PlenOptika.

COO, Founder

Dr. Daryl Lim

Daryl was awarded his PhD in Biomedical Engineering from Boston University, during which time he focused on biomedical optics research that has led to several patents. As an MIT-Madrid M+Visión post-doctoral Fellow at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, he initiated the QuickSee project, and managed the team to rapidly move from concept to human clinical trials. He has also gained business experience as a consultant for McKinsey & Company.

CTO, Founder

Dr. Eduardo Lage

Eduardo was awarded his PhD from the Politécnica University, ETSIT (Madrid, Spain). He has led the design and development of various preclinical medical imaging scanners, some of which have been commercialized worldwide by several companies such as Sedecal S.A. (Madrid, Spain) and GE Healthcare (U.S.). He has patented a multiplexed PET imager and currently leads all electrical and software aspects at PlenOptika, supervising the engineering team.

VP Design

Aaron Chang

Aaron was awarded his masters in Bioengineering Innovation and Design from Johns Hopkins University. In the past 6 years, his designs have included a laparoscopic retractor licensed to Lapspace Medical, a defibrillator patch system which won gold at the USPTO sponsored inventor's competition, and a system for detection of acute kidney injury currently undergoing 5 clinical trials.He works with PlenOptika on device design and business development.