myEdGPS (EnCompass Education Solutions, Inc.)


myEdGPS, a White House-featured caregiving platform, personalizes help for 65MM U.S. family caregivers of those with special needs through automated navigation that removes roadblocks and drives action. In turn, their employers, our paying clients such as Accenture, EMC, Verizon, Biogen, HCA, J&J, etc., save time & money, a true win-win. In addition to strategic partner Bright Horizons, we are growing employer channels and a direct sales engine.

Video Pitch

Management Team

Founder & CEO

Adam R Goldberg, M.Ed.

Media-featured special education expert; trusted advisor to thousands of families; EdTech entrepreneur with a vision of democratized access to critical education guidance; former enterprise software sales and marketing leader (EMC, Lucent/Kenan); early internet pioneer (Prodigy); Wharton alumnus; passionate barefoot/minimalist distance runner and road-tripper; savory cook; family man; animal lover; inspired by "underdogs".

Head of Product

Adam McGowan

Serial product launcher; productivity solutions purveyor; agile developer and technical team leader; startup accelerator (Firefield); CoFoundersLab Ambassador; former credit analyst (State Street, Cambridge Place); Harvard alumnus; sneaker collector; recruited college lacrosse athlete; skier; inspired by innovators.

Director, Professional & Client Services

Karen Aylmer

Proven human resources leader (Fidelity, Chase); seasoned recruiter (TIAX, TKT, Lucent/Kenan, Accenture), trainer and manager of wide talent and resource networks; guest career coach (Harvard Business School); Babson alumna; inspired by advocacy.

Special Education Practice Leader

Carolyn Romano, J.D.

Respected education attorney and policy thought leader; skilled copywriter and grantwriter; innovative trainer, coach and facilitator; former Project Director (Federation for Children with Special Needs); Boston University School of Law alumna; former Adjunct Professor (Lesley University, Cambridge College); holistic practitioner; inspired by possibility.

Enterprise Sales

Matthew Cohen

Award-winning EdTech entrepreneur, sales and marketing ninja (ConnectEDU, Inigral); democratizer of access to educational opportunities; George Washington University alumnus; lover of family, politics and volunteerism; inspired by opportunity.

Adam Goldberg