LeaderJam LLC


LeaderJam’s one-stop ecosystem meets critical requirements for real, sustained, and results-oriented leadership development. We provide the key to solving your most pressing business challenges on-demand with context-driven live expert coaching sessions, collaborative tools, and smart content. A learning culture, agile teams and productivity are promoted and sustained through this new cloud-based platform and approach.

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Management Team

Chief Executive Officer

Kevin Sheehan

Kevin Sheehan is the CEO and co-founder of LeaderJam LLC, the breakthrough platform for engaging corporate teams with top experts and content to drive change in organizations. He is an award-winning entrepreneur and is best known for creating Hear Music–an innovative music retail company acquired by Starbucks, that helped redefine the national segment for two decades. He received his MBA from Harvard where he was named “Entrepreneur of the Year”.

Vice President Strategy and Co-Founder

Ethan Lyle

Ethan Lyle is the VP of Strategy and a LeaderJam cofounder. He also works as a reputation management and strategic positioning consultant at Teneo. Ethan previously worked at Kekst, a leading strategic communications firm. Ethan also served at FEMA, on the Obama 2008 campaign, and in the Obama White House. In 2014, Ethan co-founded Hope Collaborative, a 501(c)(3) non-profit which teaches leadership development and life skills to youth.

Chief Operating Officer

Chip Carter

Chip Carter is the Chief Operating Officer of LeaderJam. He has served as a technology leader, executive and health coach, mindfulness teacher, strategist, executive board member, software architect and developer. As a CIO/CTO and interim CMO working for two large global NGOs (Mercy Corps and Plan International), he led sweeping infrastructure changes, fundamental shifts in business practices and culture, and dramatic productivity improvements.

Chief Technology Officer

Brahma Tangella

Brahma brings expertise and strategic capacity in developing business platforms with teams, technology, analytics and artificial intelligence. He is a business and management consultant skilled in driving transformation to develop future state architecture. Brahma brings thought leadership with his extensive experience from Dell EMC, EY, and other Healthcare, Pharma and Government organizations.

Digital Marketing and Research Manager

Alicia Herman

As Community Programs Coordinator at South Shore Art Center she oversees integrated arts and education programs for thousands of children and families annually. She has a Graduate Certificate in Museum Education from Tufts University, Masters in Social Work from Hunter College, CUNY, and BA in Psychology from Clark University.

Senior Adviser Legal and Business Development

Thomas Rosenbloom

Thomas Rosenbloom brings legal, business development, capital structure, and partner strategy expertise. He has had a distinguished career as an attorney in private practice and as a senior executive in a public company that manages mortgage assets. He brings LeaderJam legal expertise and strategic insight into financings and corporate business alliances to expand the market for the mobile application.

Special Projects Manager

Noah Adams

Noah Adams brings expertise in coordinating international communication and project management to the team. He previously worked in the Hamburg, Germany Ministry of Economics, Transportation, and Innovation. As a student at the University of Chicago, Noah focuses on Global Studies and Linguistics, and serves as the President of the Mindfulness Meditation Club. He runs ultra-marathons and is an Eagle Scout.