Design by Educators, Inc. d/b/a Quick Key


Schools want to use data to improve student performance, but few have the annual budget, enterprise-class networks, teacher training, and curriculum support needed to succeed. Quick Key makes data-driven classroom feedback fast, easy, and cost-effective by using mobile devices to create, deliver, take, and grade quizzes and tests. Teachers have graded 1.8 million quizzes and authored 83,000 questions in Quick Key.

Video Pitch

Management Team

CEO, Co-Founder

Isaac Van Wesep

Isaac is a polymath with a wide-ranging career spanning the arts, science, and business. A former research Fellow at Johns Hopkins University and Uppsala Universitet in Sweden, and a researcher at MIT's Whitehead Institute, Isaac founded a concert production business in his mid-twenties. After earning his MBA in 2008, he was an associate to Schuyler Lance, working on the Patient Capital Collaborative series of funds, before founding Quick Key.

Co-Founder, Spokesman, Sales & Marketing

Walter Duncan

Walter is a career K-12 teacher with 15 years of experience in Waldorf, LAUSD and Detroit Public Schools. He has a professional track record of improving student performance, and his students often scored in the top 15% in their state. Walter is a thought leader on the topic of equal access to technology for education and the idea that 'genius knows no zip code.'

VP Sales

Shawn Rosenberger

Shawn has 20 years in software sales and sales management. Most recently Shawn built a K-12 sales organization for AVG Technologies (NYSE: AVG) growing it from nearly zero revenue to $25 million annual revenues, and over 50 employees, in 24 months.

Senior Full-Stack Developer

Paul Hiatt

Paul is a deeply experienced full-stack web and mobile application developer and a certified agile project manager and scrum master. With nearly two decades of hands-on software architecture/development and database design experience and a professional network of specialist developer contractors, Paul's roles include software development, project management, and product architecture.