Busy Beauty


Busy Beauty is devoted to helping women stay clean, beautiful, and confident without a shower. The first in our innovative line is our Showerless Shave® Gel, a new 2-in-1 shave gel and moisturizer that provides an ultra-smooth shave, without the need for water. Busy Beauty sells product online, in retail stores, and to distributors.

Video Pitch

Management Team

Co-Founder & COO

Jamie Steenbakkers

Jamie is a beauty protege - The next generation inventor, the eye for design, the creator and the visionary.

Co-Founder & CEO

Michael Leahy

Michael is a hustler - An expert at supply chain optimization, growth hacker, people and cash flow manager.

Director of Business Development

Elena Goldstein

Elena won't take no for answer - With over 10 years experience in Business Development in the Beauty / CPG space, Elena has a strong set of skills in sales, outreach, Salesforce and CRM.