Our platform allows couples and employees to have a preventative relationship checkup. Through a short questionnaire, feedback, followed by a one-hour digital assessment session. Our platform has been proven to increase key positive relationship metrics and reduce negative ones. We service both personal and professional relationships. Currently, this service is an HR perk for businesses. We charge companies per employee, per month.

Video Pitch

Management Team


Matt Rubin

Matt has helped a handful of companies start up and get off the ground. His most recent endeavor reached 2mm in annual revenue. With a wide range of industries under his belt, he's uniquely suited to get Arammu off the ground and profitable.


James Cordova

James has been doing research on preventative relationship interventions for 20 years. As head of the Psychology department at Clark University, he has written two books and countless peer reviewed papers on the subject of preventative interventions.


Tatiana Gray

Tatiana has spent the last seven years studying marriages and relationships under Dr. Cordova. She has managed our own clinicians for the past four years.