Salad days: Millis indoor farm company will help Emirates airline see green

July 9, 2018

FreshBox Farms is about to take the indoor farming movement to new heights.

The Millis company and its parent firm in California have struck a $40 million joint venture with the catering operation of Emirates airline to build the largest “vertical farm” in the world in Dubai: rows of lettuce and other greens growing in hydroponic containers stacked 50 feet high.

Corporate parent Crop One Holdings last week disclosed the deal with Emirates Flight Catering to build a 130,000-square-foot indoor growing facility near the Dubai airport that promises to yield as much as 6,000 pounds of greens a day, from kale to parsley.

The Emirates airline serves 220,000 meals a day, and FreshBox Farms chief executive Sonia Lo said the indoor farm will significantly reduce transportation costs and ensure quick delivery of fresh greens to airline customers.

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