Workplace Innovation Summit 2019: Transformational Technology


Microsoft New England Research and Development Center
1 Memorial Dr
Cambridge, MA
United States

Friday, 15 November 2019 - 9:00am

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This year’s 5th annual Workplace Innovation Summit examines the pervasive technology that surrounds us in the workplace and how that technology is transforming the way we work. Unlike other technology themed conferences, this Summit is not intended to showcase the cutting edge workplace tech, but instead to examine the way that technology is impacting the human workforce around it, and vice versa. Speaking to topics like the impact of integrating AI in the workplace, understanding the implicit bias of technology, and how technology can hinder (or help) wellness in the workplace, this conference offers a hands-on seminar to educate our participants about how technology design and innovation impacts the world around us. The rise of technology affects us all; how will you apply it effectively in your own organization? At this hands-on Summit, you will learn more about the technology that surrounds us, its impact on the workplace, and receive tools and content to share and educate others.