MassCEC Catalyst Program


United States

Wednesday, 28 March 2018 - 11:30pm

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The MassCEC Catalyst Program (“Program” or “Catalyst Program”) awards will be a maximum of $65,000 each. These grants are given semi-annually to researchers and early stage companies. The program is jointly administered by MassCEC and the Massachusetts Technology Transfer Center (MTTC).   

The Program’s primary intent is to stimulate the commercialization of clean energy technologies developed in the Commonwealth. Awarded funds are used to demonstrate the feasibility of technologies in specific industry applications in order to obtain increased industry and investor interest. Up to five awards will be granted.

Under the Catalyst Water Challenge, MassCEC will provide funding and technical support for projects at the water-energy nexus that deploy water innovation technologies or innovative combinations of existing technologies. These technologies must demonstrate a strong potential for energy savings and commercialization while providing significant measureable clean water, environmental and/or climate benefits. These awards (up to two additional awards) will also be up to $65,000 each and will be reserved for promising clean water projects. Applicants to the Water Challenge will follow the same process and timeline as standard Catalyst applicants, with required modifications to the application outlined in the application template. Water Challenge applicants will be evaluated as a stand-alone group, separate from the standard Catalyst applicants.

Eligible applicants include Massachusetts-based Principal Investigators (PIs) and early-stage (as defined below) companies with innovative, commercially viable, clean energy technologies under development. Student teams are welcome to apply. Particular emphasis will be placed on selecting technologies that can be a foundation for new companies or technologies that can improve the competitiveness of existing Massachusetts companies.

For questions, please contact Michele Bernier from the MTTC office at or (617) 287-4096.