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Meet the Lead Instructor of our next Front End Web Development cohort starting on June 11th. During this event, you'll have the opportunity to hear directly from Jennifer Meade about her experience in the field and participate in a Q&A session! ####A note from Jennifer Meade: People from all walks of life are learning to code. When I ask them why, most tell me that knowing how to code is becoming a vital skill in their industry and they just don’t want to be left behind. Others say they are learning to code to increase their career opportunities and earning potential. And, I’ve met plenty of passionate people who tell me they are learning to code because they have an amazing idea for a website, app or new service. Why do you want to learn to code? More importantly, is there something holding you back? My name is Jennifer Meade, and I teach Front End Web Development at GA. If you’ve been putting off learning to code for any reason at all, please come join me on May 15th at the General Assembly campus for a free, fun and informative talk about taking those first steps toward learning to code. - Learn how GA’s approach to learning to code is designed to make you succeed. - Find out what our classes are like and get a peek into the types of things we learn. - See some of the projects from past students. - Hear about my own journey from being a business major in college to becoming CTO of a large international software company.