Meet & Hire: Web Developers


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Join us to discuss your company’s career opportunities in a reverse job fair format. We invite recruiters and hiring managers to meet GA's expert-trained, job-ready candidates. This event showcases full-stack web developers skilled in Git, Javascript, jQuery, HTML, CSS, Ruby, Rails, Node, Express, React.js, MongoDB, SQL, problem-solving, planning, modeling, and maintaining applications with client-API architectures. These developers have worked in teams and independently to build functioning sites that solve real-world business problems. Check out some of the candidates you'll meet on GA's talent platform. How it Works Stop in anytime during this open house style event. The concentrated meet-and-greet format will allow you to:
  • Meet and interview multiple candidates in a short time.
  • Discuss current and future openings on your team.
  • Review and discuss candidates’ portfolio projects.
  • Find the right cultural fit for your company with informal, one-on-one conversations.
GA candidates can bring diverse professional experience to your team. Many of them are looking for junior-level roles aligned with the skills they just developed at GA, while others are suited for mid-career, management-level opportunities. Our developers are interested in learning about paid opportunities on a full-time, contract, freelance, or internship basis. Can't make it? Email to find out how you can still get in touch with our developers.