Meet & Hire: Web Developers


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Discover the next web developer who will get your business running at full speed. At General Assembly's exclusive event, recruiters and hiring managers will meet expert-trained, job-ready candidates. Join us to discuss your company's career opportunities.

Meet the Tech Talent

General Assembly's full-stack web developers are skilled in Git, Javascript, jQuery, HTML, CSS, Ruby, Rails, Node, Express, Ember, MongoDB, SQL, problem-solving, planning, modeling, and maintaining applications with client-API architectures. Trained by industry professionals in today’s most relevant programming languages, tools, and techniques, they have real experience working both independently and on teams, and are ready to leverage their skills to solve real-world business problems.

How it Works

The concentrated meet-and-greet format will allow you to:

  • Discover the hard and soft skills that developers have built at GA, including methodical problem-solving, version control and collaborative development, and testing and debugging.
  • Hear from each developer and preview their latest full-stack projects, which are built from scratch in one-week sprints.
  • Chat about about their work process, competencies, and experience during the program to gain insight on how they tackle challenges, perform under pressure, and collaborate across teams.
  • Find the right cultural fit for your company with informal, one-on-one conversations.
GA candidates can bring diverse professional experience to your team. Many of them are looking for junior-level roles aligned with the skills they just developed at GA, while others are suited for mid-career, management-level opportunities. Our UX designers and developers are interested in learning about paid opportunities on a full-time, contract, freelance, or internship basis. Can't make it? Email to find out how you can still get in touch with our developers.