Business Start-up Bootcamp


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The SCORE Boston Business Startup Bootcamp provides an overview of what you need to consider when you are planning to start a new business. It is designed to help you go from business concept to "opening the doors".

The day consists of two sessions:

The Morning Session is a 3 hour interactive presentation, given by experienced SCORE counselors in each of the areas discussed. This session will give youu a clearer understanding of what is necessary to run a business. Key Topics include: Entrepreneurship: is it for you? Is your business concept reasonable? What is a business plan? How to decide if you need one? What key items should you include? Building your financial plan and options for financing your business Key questions about finding customers - how you'll market your business to get sales What business structure should you select? What advisers do you need? Other resources available to you

The Afternoon Sessions are small roundtable discussions with other entrepreneurs, led by SCORE counselors. In these sessions, you can get feedback on your "elevator pitch", talk about the issues you are facing, and get ideas for how to solve them.