Spill, Inc.


SpillNow.com allows users to "spill" about life authentically and get encouragement from people who have been through similar situations. A TechStars '11 company & the winner of the Global Social Venture Competition, Spill is unleashing authenticity by allowing users to share lessons learned and mentor one another through life's challenges. Based on learnings from Spill 1.0 (in use at 80+ colleges), Spill 2.0 will launch in the Fall of 2012.

Video Pitch

Management Team

CEO & Founder

Heidi Allstop

BA in Psychology & Business. Crisis counselor. Child of two entrepreneurs. Valedictorian, voted Most Likely to Succeed. Passionate about making change in the world.


Jason Freeman

MBA at Fresno State. CPA, as well as Technologist. Exited a successful startup on the West coast. Moved to Boston and was quickly sucked in by Spill's passion. Has a beautiful wife named Melissa that he tries to save time for.

Data Analyst

Ryan Miller

BA in Business from University of Wisconsin-Madison. Loves data and everything about it. Works part-time for Spill, and has a job in politics, as well.