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Ranjit Busch Inc

YAK APPAREL: The best brand since UGGs Targeting the $13 billion un-branded "winter hat" niche market with on-trend, innovative product

Juvo Leads Call Tracking

We help Digital Marketing Agencies capture 40% more leads, track marketing spend, and improve ROI from one powerful dashboard.

iHaulit Inc.

iHaulit: Put a Delivery Truck in your pocket! Download our Free App and deliver your items ON DEMAND! Sometimes you just need a friend with a truck.

Empire Robotics Inc.

Empire has developed a radically disruptive robot gripper that manipulates randomly oriented objects consistently for a low competitive cost

Metizsoft Solutions

A fast growing IT solution company, our web development, web designing, e-commerce development services tend to help you in achieving your dreams.


Long-Reach collaborative robotic arms for warehouse automation. Revolutionary safe, low-cost actuators that power these arms and other service robots.

WorkAround Online Inc.

WorkAround provides human annotation for machine learning data sets using an untapped skilled workforce of refugees and displaced people.

Ras Labs

Ras Labs makes Synthetic Muscle™, electroactive polymers that contract & expand, attenuate force, & sense pressure for robotics & other applications.

JeanComputech Corporation

Our Pleasure is Your Satisfaction. Network security is a matter for everyone to be concerned specially in this era; JeanComputech can help.