Ras Labs


Ras Labs is a platform business model, based upon a class of electroactive polymers that contract and expand when controlled by low voltage. Our first target market of the world of soft robotics where we see a need for safe self -contained electrically driven soft actuators that can sense pressure (tactile touch) in life-like biometric grippers. Other potential markets include prosthetics, force sensors, ear buds, foot wear and innersoles.

Video Pitch

Management Team

CTO, and Founder

Lenore Rasmussen

Synthetic polymer chemist with industrial biotech experience (Johnson & Johnson), R&D with government agencies (ISS, CASIS, DOD, DOE), and global leader in the EAP community. Leads interdisciplinary projects involving chemistry, biology, and engineering, teaming together diverse groups of people with varied skill sets. Technical business leader with strong patent expertise, published book author, and multi-media skills, including NASA TV.

Financial Adviser

George McHorney, MBA

George McHorney has over 25 years of experience with start-ups, scale-ups, companies receiving federal funding and contracts, and M&A. He is a fiscally conscientious adviser and skilled negotiator.