The ParkWise Intelligent Parking Platform solves the street parking problem for drivers, connected and autonomous vehicles. ParkWise creates a network of inter-connected drivers and vehicles, allowing them to automatically exchange information about parking availability. By leveraging AI and Machine Learning, ParkWise provides parking availability, short-term prediction, parking regulations and other services. Our team of 11 engineers has over 8 years of experience in building Intelligent Traffic Management Systems.

Video Pitch

Management Team


Alexander Shvartz

12 years’ experience in managing R&D teams. 7 years’ CEO experience.


Jonathan Schick

5 years’ experience in creating and delivering disruptive technologies.


William Larrenaga

Former Partner at KPMG LLP, 35 years’ CFO and public accounting experience.


Eduard Miniakhmetov

PhD in Computers Science, 7 years’ CTO experience.