Groupize simplifies event & meeting management with easy to use tools that manage all processes in the lifecycle of a corporate event, creating better outcomes for all stakeholders. We bring oversight and insight into the largest area of unmanaged spend in a corporation, managing travel, expense, and risk.

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Management Team

Founder and Chief Customer Officer

Charles de Gaspe Beaubien

Charles de Gaspe Beaubien brings a wide range of experiences in the travel industry resulting from a 25-year career in group travel. Notable accolades include Entrepreneur of the Year, Business Travel News Top 25 most influential and top innovators of the year.


Alisa de Gaspe Beaubien

Alisa de Gaspe Beaubien brings a breadth of experience from her 25+ year career in group travel and is on a mission to simplify event management. As an advocate for improving travelers' experience, savings, and efficiencies for groups, meetings and events, I’m passionate about helping companies reduce their spend and risk for their largest area of decentralized rogue spend.