Research shows that students do not spend enough time on building systematic math problem-solving skills. Our product uses content creation, social and gaming models to help students develop, share and improve their math strategies and enables teachers to improve their own instruction. Our flexible platform can also be extended to physics, chemistry and engineering. We use a SaaS model to sell subscription to individual schools and districts.

Video Pitch

Management Team

Founder and CEO

Sheela Sethuraman

Sheela Sethuraman has 20 years of experience in educational design, multimedia production and technology management. She has held senior-level positions at leading EdTech companies including CAST and Pearson Education. She has developed multimedia programs in partnership with global organizations like UNESCO. Sheela is a seasoned podcaster and a correspondent for Stanford University's Center for Social Innovation.

Chief Technical Architect

Yaodong Hu

Don Hu has 20 years of experience building and developing enterprise software products. He has extensive experience in programming in Java, J2EE and Security. Prior to CueThink, Don worked for Adobe, Nokia, Tripod technology, BEA Systems and Netegrity.

Principal Research Scientist

Bob Dolan

Bob Dolan is the Principal Research Scientist with 30 years of experience in cognitive science, educational research, assessments and universal design. He has collaborated with organizations like Education Testing Services and served as PI/CO-PI for grants worth $10M from various federal agencies. He has worked at Pearson and CAST.

Director of Sales

Donna Gardner

Donna Fairhurst Gardner has worked in the educational sales industry for over 24 years. At Key Curriculum, she closed the largest sales in the company’s history including Department of Defense Education Activity ($2.5M), Virginia Beach Public Schools ($1.12M), Miami-Dade Public Schools ($1.75M) and Fairfax County Public Schools ($750K)