Fabricating new business

February 4, 2016

The Roxbury Innovation Center opened last September in Dudley Square and has been busy with over 50 events supporting the area’s small business entrepreneurs, specifically focusing on how to start and grow a company. But this week saw the opening of a key component of the center, which will help hands-on development of products — Fab Lab Roxbury.

While innovation centers have been shown to be crucial in helping establish and solidify a startup ecosystem, the concept of a Fab Lab delves into the practical. It is a digital fabrication workshop containing tools such as a laser cutter and 3D printer that help entrepreneurs put concepts to work to see if a vision for a product can be realized.

Fab Lab Roxbury is part of an official network of 1,000 Fab Labs in 30 countries around the world, which was pioneered by MIT and now backed by the college’s Fab Foundation.

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