Experienced Software Developer

Experienced Software Developer

We are looking to build out our team with enthusiastic software developers for our Nara Logics Synaptic Intelligence platform. This job will give anyone who wants to combine artificial intelligence and software engineering a great opportunity to explore new applications for our platform- a novel, general-purpose AI platform that provides recommendations and decision support across a variety of information classes and customer verticals. It uses advanced techniques in neural networks and machine learning. The platform learns, optimizes, and provides real-time interaction for recommendations and relations, along with dynamic analytics for understanding connections.

The breadth and generality of the platform offers a fascinating way to engage a host of software skills where the latest in artificial intelligence converges with existing real-world problems. Themes include distributed computing, large-scale data, neuroscience, loosely coupled modules and elegant systems. Nara Logics works with top global companies looking to differentiate themselves with machine intelligence.

  • Our Culture:
  • • We are a small, close team. You need to be positive, self-motivated and self-managed.
  • • Our customers are large enterprises. You need to have the skills required for developing a production-grade, high-profile, highly scalable platform.
  • • This is an intelligence platform, and you’ve got to be smarter than it. Problem solving skills (troubleshooting, critical thinking, etc.) are a must.


  • • Developing either/both our Python based engine that processes recommendations and decision support requests or our Java based back-end data processing components that provide high throughput moving client data into our neural graph representations.
  • • Customizing configuration and monitoring screens using Python/Django.
  • • Work with the team to ensure that new functionality is integrated into our orchestration systems using Linux, AWS, Git, Docker, Docker Swarm, and Jenkins.
  • • Working directly with our customers to implement our platform




  • • Proficient in Python a must, Java and PHP a plus
  • • Understanding of REST API and loosely coupled system concepts
  • • Bachelor’s degree or higher in computer science, mathematics, or a related discipline
  • • Experience with AWS, PHP, SQL, Jenkins and Docker a plus
  • • Familiarity with unit/functional testing, Agile methodologies, Git and Jira a plus
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