Business Developer

Business Developer

We seek a leader who is passionate about education and entrepreneurship to guide Build-It-Yourself in a rapid growth phase. Responsibilities include: 

  1. Research, pitch and close corporate distribution partnerships. 
  2. Coordinate development of regional territories. 
  3. Evolve social media presence. 
  4. Secure and manage investment capital.

Qualities we seek in a business developer include: 

  1. Interest in computer games, art and engineering. 
  2. Ability to close significant distribution deals efficiently. 
  3. Experience with social media tools and viral marketing programs. 
  4. Entrepreneurial mindset ... to work for significant rewards based on success. 
  5. Playful spirit.


Compensation will include 3 components: 

  1. Below market base pay. 
  2. Bonus based on meeting short term goals that could equate to more than market value salary. 
  3. Equity that could equate to significantly more than market value salary.


Please send a short email summarizing how your interests sync with those of Build-It-Yourself to John Galinato at: 

269 Pearl Street
Cambridge, MA
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