HBS Angels of Boston



The HBS Angels of Boston Selection Committee reviews up to 50 deals each quarter and selects between 4 and 6 of the most promising to be invited to present at each quarterly meeting. The Selection Committee reviews the companies against the following criteria:

  • Is capital-efficient, early stage growth company.
  • Markets targeted include, but are not limited to, internet, software, social networking, security enterprise, cloud, medical device, bio-technology, alternative energy applications, consumer goods and other venture capital targeted markets.
  • Is operating in a large and/or growing market with a barrier to entry (e.g., an intellectual property position).
  • Has demonstrated proof of concept and can articulate the revenue strategy clearly. Note: Priority goes to applicants with revenue traction (users, clients, customers).
  • Has some unique / competitive advantage over other companies (or would-be companies) in this space.
  • Can articulate an exit strategy.
  • Has strong founder and senior management team (with compelling presentation and strong delivery skills).
  • Is located or plans to locate or has a connection to New England.

Each quarter, the selected companies will be invited to present at that quarter’s meeting for the HBS Angels of Boston members. Members interested in investing will pursue due diligence (either individually or as a group) after the meeting and make investment decisions individually.