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Greentown Labs provides prototyping space, shared machine shop tools, office space and an event space. We leverage our facility, partners, and sponsors to provide our entrepreneurs access to the equipment, services, education, and network they need to launch their companies quickly.
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Machine Shop: Greentown Labs Companies working on prototypes have access to an extensive community machine shop located on our prototyping floor. Tools include: a lathe, drill press, vertical band saw, mill, table saw, grinding wheel, belt sander, miter saw, and more. Training and certification (provided on-site) is required to access the equipment.

Software: Greentown companies have access to free and reduced cost software provided by our sponsors Dassault Systems (SolidWorks), Mathworks, Altium, Prosper IT and Microsoft. 

Sponsored Services: Marketing/PR, HR services, graphics and design, real estate and liability insurance are examples of additional services provided through our Sponsorship Program.

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